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Sigourney Belle is an accomplished Business Medicine Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher, and Revolutionary Leader within the New Consciousness Paradigm. She is also the founder of the international WILDGRACE Movement, a groundbreaking movement in healing.

The culmination of a career in Western Medicine as a Physiotherapist, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders, and extensive training in Complementary Medicines including Ancient Healing and Temple Rites Practises, within the field of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, has made Sigourney a revolutionary figure in the field of spiritual healing and medicine.

Through years of experience working with health, Sigourney discovered that the body has an intuitive ability to heal and restore itself to its natural state of homeostasis where it is wild, alive and free. She then created The Parasympathetic Restoration Technique™, a Globally accredited modality with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) and teaches it in privately run trainings all over the world.

She has helped thousands of clients worldwide, initiating people into states of deep psychic and creative awakening and has witnessed countless miracles and overnight healings of both women and men within her training spaces.

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- Georgia 


If you are looking to awaken to the deepest of primordial truths and to open your mind to a new reality, this book is for you. 
LEVIANTHAN is an international best-seller, and Sigourney's first book. It chronicles her journey to date, and explores tools and practises for healing mastery, so you can awaken to your natural creative abundance and innate healing powers. 
Available in Paperback or Kindle
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Praise for LEVIATHAN

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Sigourney puts what I've known my whole life, into the most poetic, heart pulsing prose I've ever read. Her vulnerability and deep penetration into the deepest, darkest untapped parts of my beautiful soul is like a release valve has been opened and the all of me is pouring myself back into my body, back into this world... I'm beyond grateful and not at all surprised our paths have crossed in this lifetime.
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Georgia V

This spoke to me in so many ways, deeper than anything I've felt before. It felt like I was being spoken to directly, like it was purposely written to awake in my what needs to be awoken. This is more than a book and Sigourney is more than an author. This was a slithering hand reaching through my flesh and bones and waking up my Primal soul. 
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Emma S

Leviathan is a prayer to embody love through releasing the stored trauma most of us hold within our bodies. It's a powerful calling to come home to ourselves, to embrace all that we are, and all that we feel.

In a world that promotes and glorifies busy to the detriment of our physical and mental health, sense of daily well-being and capacity to enjoy our lives, Sigourney guides us back to our own innate body wisdom. The wisdom that knows and may have been secretly desiring to stop all this 'doing' and come into a state of 'being'. To transform our worlds from the inside out.

Her words poetically speak to me and make it so clear as to WHY it is so important to feel it all, the shame, guilt and pain that we carry, so that we can find the gold hidden beneath. The lifeforce energy that is repressed by holding it all together, by holding it all in. The power we have within ourselves to create what we desire. The power that the old paradigm structures would tell us is not possible.

This book is an invitation to access our unique potential and let's us know that it is possible.
It is possible to break free from the confines and structures of what keeps us small and limited.
Leviathan is an invitation to awaken to our own unique magic, through the embodiment revolution.

She supports us to realise that each one of us is needed in our wholeness at this time. To awaken to our power and gifts so that we can be of service to humanity from a place of wholeness, from a place where our cups are filled up first and foremost.

I am so inspired by your words and transmission Sigourney. Thank you.
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Sigourney Belle is speaking a direct channel of truth for the times, explaining it delicious literature. Just how important it is to reevaluate the traditional way of doing life. This deeply mysterious book does not just take your eyes on a journey, it takes your whole soul the moment you decide to play in the land of Levianthan. This is a must read, juicy is an understatement. This woman is a paradigm shifter, and her words are beyond profound they are channelled truth.
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